AsK fEmZeE! :o)
Your animation is really fluid! It's really beautiful, do you take animation classes???????


thank you i did take an animation class but that was in 08 so nothing since then just practice sometimes

these askblogs are actually good practice for me


Did you by any chance ever run a rule 63 Tavros ask blog? Because I remember seeing one that looked like your current style. Sorry for asking this account and not your personal tumblr.

// oh yeah i still do run it here and well this one too

ive just been really busy lately and i feel really bad about not updating a whole lot but ill have time to once i get home //

((Hi, would you mind at all if I did some voice acting for Femzee using this askblog?))

// ahh wow not at all thatd be so neat link me to it when youre done this is exciting haha //